You're too much work at the computer if ...

If you call your home to dinner by e-mail.
If you want a new modem for the New Year.
If you perceive a package of orange juice as a ZIP-file is a bunch of oranges.
If all of your jokes received via email.
If your wristwatch is not lower class processor Pentium III
If you are looking forward to Christmas to plenty enough of new games, a gift to your children.
If your perfect vacation - in an accelerated mode to view the new filmets to find in it a bunch of technical errors.
If you regularly run hour program to check the results of the test takes five minutes.
If you believe that you can easily assemble a powerful laser, using only solar cell of the turnstile in the subway, and the flash to tear you from the Chinese "Soap».
If the housing unit software on your computer is never secured by screws, so as not to waste time on them twisting.
If your can opener, converted by you, is at least 16 MB of RAM.
If you want easy, in what direction will now twist the water in the kitchen sink drain.
If you removed the rear wall of your TV only to see - how it differs from the computer.
If you own electrical experiments at least once set fire to a school.
If your favorite T-shirt is written «WINDOWS MUST DIE!».
If you often carry your bags to your hard drive.
If you believe that computers are really good only for games, real-time strategy - but do not dare say it out loud.
If you know that the Aliens living among us.
If you always keep the power cords from discarded electrical appliances.
If your hard disk is lost somewhere in the driver library.
If you change their passwords more often than computers.
If your personal discs with far more toys than your children.
If your IQ more of your weight.
If you easily store up to eight network address - but not his wife's birthday.
If you type text at a rate of over 70 words per minute - but often can not make out your own handwriting.
If people groan when you put your favorite music.
If your wristwatch buttons more than on your phone.
If you have online friends much more than in real life.
If you believe that the real heroes of the movie "Apollo 13" - the ones who ran the flight sitting in Mission Control Center.
If you think that people can only yawn because they do not get enough sleep.
If the answer to the three-year kid 'Why is the sky blue? "You begin to mumble something about Bill Gates.
If your computer along with the periphery is slightly more expensive "Lada».
If your daily diet consists of only four names - caffeine, sugar, beer and chips.


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