How to work in a terrible company

Brian Millar - Director of Strategy Consulting Sense Worldwide. He works with clients such as Nike and Vodafone. Prior to that, he worked in advertising agencies Ogilvy and Saatchi and Saatchi.

We all come to a head this idea: if I worked there, then there is something, my genius would have been obvious to all, and I would have sought brilliant results. But this does not need to work, "there is something there somewhere." Here are 5 ways that will enable you to realize your most interesting ideas where you work now.

What can I say? I needed the money. My children were very young, my agency was stalled and I needed a job - right now. The phone rang. Recruiter told me about a company that promises a lot of money, and where you can get to work tomorrow. One catch: it was a terrible, terrible advertising agency. Go to his reception was like to be in a horror movie. Only in a cold sweat I do not throw a pool of blood, and advertising, which the agency did.

If you work in a creative industry or trying to find a place in it, then you are certainly not seen as the legend of the industry comes up to the podium to drop some career advice. His story is almost always goes like this: his first employer was the coolest company in the industry. He worked there for many years, earning a mere penny. And then became creative director in another wonderful place, well, then created his own company, which pretends to take over the world. So: not everyone is capable of. By definition, half of the companies in any industry - below average. And someone has to work in them. At some point this someone and I was.

This work will not find in my profile in LinkedIn: I do not admit that worked there. But when I left there after six months, I have been on account of good advertising works in journals, which brought the company's first major award of her life. And I learned a lot about the differences between a good company from a bad one. They do not like you think.

1. Think of the employer as a good company - in the future

"Work as if you live in the early years of a decent nation." These words are carved in stone on the wall of the Scottish Parliament. And they hang over my desk. If you work in a landfill, you do not have to act as if you are working in a landfill. Build a start in your own head. Write a manifesto. Come to work in the same building as all but follow the ideals of his invisible startup.

Nancy Vonk - partner Swim, a coaching company for creative directors. She advises to create within the company own "microclimate". "Another terrible brief? Find out what the problem is for business. Gather a group and brainstorm. The main thing - diversity: let the man comes from the Department of Finance, shall come, a new intern with burning eyes, unable to self-censorship. Even the "terrible" customers recognize and praise good ideas. And if it's rebelliousness gives excellent results, then usually it deserves forgiveness ».

You - not the only person in the company who is frustrating. And there are others who wish to work in your "startup in a terrible company." Select at least a few people, and you'll see: it's early days for something better.

2. Good companies - not more talented and more stubborn

James Bond - the most famous in the world of a fictional character. How can I remove a bad James Bond movie? It's very simple. Agree on all the amendments which you propose. That's what happened when for the first time tried to make a film about Bond. I can imagine how it was: "Bond is too English for our audience. Make it American. James - some pretentious name. Let it be Jimmy. " And so on.

Recently, in Cannes, I was talking to one of the most successful directors of commercials. The last few years he has worked with the most famous advertising agencies, but his career began in a small provincial company. So what's the difference, I asked him, between different agency and the ugly?

"It's not about talent - he said. - In bad company is not so much mediocrity. For the worst in the world rollers often worth mass of brilliant minds. The difference is that the best agencies cling to the idea. They do not allow it to blur and obessmyslit. " Most slop ideas starts with the right thoughts. But on the way to the result they collapsed under the weight of millions of small improvements. Ask Bond. Jimmy Bond.

3. This garbage is only here

In every company there is a person who repeats it. Such people imagined ideal company, where customers come running in from the street, waving a checkbook, and beg you to win the awards. Of course, they themselves are in such companies were not working, but certainly worked their friends. So - do not be such a person.

Someday you will be in a decent company. But there are people who walk through the corridors and whine: "This does not happen in the garbage Dro5a». Someday, perhaps you will get a job in Dro5a. And I'm sure the same thing will happen there. And then surely someone will say: "This garbage is certainly not the case in Wieden».

A place where "happens garbage", exists only in the minds of disgruntled people. If you have to communicate with them, at least try not to think like them. In the early days there is a great temptation to seem tough and cynical. But that's how you become a mediocrity.

4. part

David Ogilvy took part-time work. And many of his famous advertising findings were not created in the main job. And if Ogilvy, the advertising world aristocrat whose name is on the sign of one of the largest agencies do not hesitate to come up with cool stuff on the weekends, so you and it is allowed. For many years, one informal team at Ogilvy led a major sporting client exclusively in their free time. I was a member of this team. And I think, old Dave would approve.

5. The best opportunities - in front of you

Recently published a list of clients that you would most like to work advertisers. In a sense, the list was a disappointment. After all, it was a list of great brands. What's the buzz of work for a brand that has made great by someone else? When I began working on advertising IBM, advertising technology companies was some ghetto for geeks. All the fashionable people doing beer. But there were no rules, almost no expectations, and if you managed to do something worthy, people notice it.

Today, if you come out of the elevator with the thought, "Ah, if only Apple has ordered me to advertising, I would do something cool" - that you have to wait a very long time.

On whatever you were working today, you have a chance to do something amazing. And if you're working on something that seems boring, people will be even more impressed when you make the job brilliantly. And if you limit the terrible company where you work, create a new company in my head.

Go to work as if you were standing at the origins of the classroom in the future of the company. And I promise you, it will happen.


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