Become sex for seven steps!

1 DRESS with cuts
The cut of the dress, light flirty ruffles, deep cleavage and underwear with the effect of push-up will emphasize all the advantages and add those that five minutes ago was not.

2 open legs
The maximum open legs always attract attention. A tanned legs without bruises and scratches even more attractive! I'll tell you a secret: small defects on the skin perfectly hides a simple foundation.

3 Platform sandals
Platform sandals make you visually above the feet in them will seem very slim,
air and gait.

4 neckline
Top with a soft drape beautifully bare chest and shoulders, sequins will put the right accents and bright fabrics emphasize the perfect tan.

WARNING 5, the belt!
Singing coins belt - detail worthy of attention! He immediately made a notable appearance of your eyes and draw a slender hips.

6 frayed jeans
Slightly cropped jeans will not hide your delicate ankles, and add the image of the tissue abrasion ease.

7 sandals studs
Sandals and high-heeled shoes to instantly improve your posture. Just do not make extensive steps!


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