6 simple steps to achieve the goal

© Nancy Fouts Every New Year we give ourselves the promises and set goals for the whole year, but, as a rule, all our projects remain unrealized. How do we get away from the ethereal desires, to make a step towards the realization of all our plans and implement it? How do we cross this invisible barrier to the materialization of all our plans?

Everything is new is hard. A year and a half ago, you could not sit still in meditation and a few minutes: you then worried, then just fell asleep after a couple minutes of being dormant. And now, devoting more years of practice, you would be able to sit meditating for seven days in a row eight hours a day.

Start small, with small steps, overcoming your fears and the fears about everything new that may come into your life. Internally tune in to the materialization of their desires. Get ready for your own small feats and victories over themselves.

Each of us is capable of it

All of the above sounded to you believe that each of us is able to accomplish what he wants, taking it a rule every day to devote to the task time.

Between us there is no difference – each of us has the ability to create our reality. The only difference is our conscious choice whether to take part in the implementation of its own decisions or not.

Success – personal and professional – comes to life through discipline and habit. Dedicating your time to constant work on ourselves, we can master any skill and begin to create a life where we can realize our intentions.

Each of us in his daily life doing something, we just may not realize it. Perhaps this activity – checking email, or watching TV for a few hours a day or traveling on business, or purchase over the Internet, or playing online with their friends.

Each of us has their daily classes, which we habitually pay attention to. And how, then we will be able to broaden the scope of our lives, if we consciously make a choice in favor of our own conventions?

Here they are, 6 steps that will help you to implement your plan.

Evaluate your current habits

What is it like in your day today? How you spend your time and energy?

From Darren hardy, author of "Total result" is the "evaluation journal of habits" which allows you to develop more healthy habits. This magazine allows you to take inventory of your current habits. He will show you the way to how to create a new daily order in my life agreed with what you are trying to achieve.

Start with small steps and don't forget about gradualism. Perhaps you want to lose weight. You don't have to run to the gym, get a ticket, pay for a personal trainer, and immediately go on a strict diet counting every calorie eaten.

Start small with what is available to you: with 15-minute daily walk, or start to practice yoga for 20 minutes a day.

Then, after a week, you can set a rule to have dinner no later than 7 PM. And after a week you can reduce the intake of carbohydrates during dinner.

Start small – stay dedicated to their goals – and allow the new routine to organically grow in your life.

Our cultural conditioning causes us to do everything efficiently and promptly. We're programmed to reach for a comprehensive package for quick success. Hence the incredible demand for tickets to the gym, and the peak attendance in January of each year. And then, as usual, by mid-February, the ranks are thinning athletes. We often enough say that we took a break and allowed events to unfold in their natural sequence. We are accustomed to: "Quickly!" "Now!" "Control!" And then we gasped, making a dizzying dash to the next item in the list that we have not yet managed to do.

We would probably have not been able to complete if you'd expect:

‒ during his first meditation will be able to sit for 20 minutes

‒ what we can become vegetarians, although yesterday for lunch ate a steak

‒ that our business in the real estate sector will be able to spin in one year

‒ what month will be able to learn how to run 21 kilometers

Develop more patient, realistic sense of the time required to progress. Often, our achievements and our path to them require more time than we initially expected.

Choose a reminder for the purpose you want to implement

A reminder can be a signal on your phone, a sticky piece of paper on the door of your bedroom or other object that you see daily. Let a signal, a piece of paper or thing will be your reminder of this new routine.

Tony Schwartz calls it "the Energy ritual".

In his article entitled, "How to make innovation has established forever" ("Harvard Business review"), he writes:

"Energy rituals – very specific behaviors or regimes that you follow at the same time each day (or on certain days of your choice).

Assigning sacred time for your chosen occupation, you no longer need to spend energy to think, when you need them to do. Willpower is a very finite and limited resource in each of us, so our goal is to use it as little as possible, leading to their automatic behavioral habits."

Find a partner, friend, family member or online community that can support you in the development of new conscious habits (habits). Find a soul mate that will be able to enjoy your small successes with you.

Their endless support and love can be felt by you like some kind of super strength when you face difficulties. You don't need to do everything yourself – just reach out and let the support of others to help you grow.

Start again and again, as long as you need. Do not stop trying. We can't learn to ride a bike in one day. We can't learn to swim as soon as entered the pool. All great things ‒ no matter how big or small ‒ require the ability to start again. And developing conscious habits is no different.

Repeat, repeat and again repeat these steps when you think that you return to the same situation.

Parting words

Now, when you think about your current habits and your new desired way of life, you can reflect on the following:

Can I be kind to myself when I cultivate a new habit?

What will be my conscious practice?

If it is like my spiritual aspirations?

How alive I want to be?

Our whole life is practice. And that in itself is an achievement. From time to time we think that we have reached the destination: ran through half the planned distance, or we have managed to meditate every day for seven consecutive days, or soak in the rays of professional success. However, our present reward in this life – a constant focus on the development and recognition of the need to be in a state of wakefulness.

These external achievements – just support for us to further grow and develop as human beings.


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