Suddenly, without another

... To your mother came
No, it's not that you came to my mother and to him, on the contrary, mother-in-law. Just so great to feel like a daughter to talk to my mother! But he was pretending to be a perfect son-mother-in does not depart from a single step. Even at night in the kitchen you will not find peace: Only tea is poured, and it is here - late, says sit up!

... To his mother came
She is a very good woman. However, there are at least three "but":

*** you love to ladle hanging on the wall, rather than lying in the locker;

*** you already know that your beloved childhood chocolate hiding in his underwear (and it his prestige in your eyes does not raise!);

*** last time sounded casually that she live with her daughter and she is not tired to move away to you.

... You decided to start a new life
Yes Yes Yes! Every day charge! No - chocolate bars! Yes - pedestrian walks! Smoking - There's no time! You're going to get up at 6, No 7 in the morning! Or better in 8! At first run, and then deal with them! And let this cute Carlson lying on the couch, absorbing a third packet of crisps in splendid isolation on neutral territory - and thinks he is the best in the world!

Frankly, you're not so opposed to reward him with this honorary title.


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