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Under the current law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", the store can not be returned expensive new equipment for two weeks from the date of purchase, this can be done with other goods. If you bought a washing machine, but it does not fit in your bathroom, then the money for it you will not get it. Exception - the presence of significant drawbacks.

At the moment, the list of high-tech products, along with vehicles are still only personal computers and basic peripherals. Legislators somewhat behind the development of technologies, because this list was adopted by the Government 10 years ago, since it is not extended. According to CNews Committee of the State Duma, Federal Service prepares a "great judgment, which will be spelled out all the high-tech products."

This situation is commented Vice President, Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights of the city of Moscow, Irina Sokolova:

 - Now you will be able to claim back the money for high-tech goods only within 15 days of purchase. After this period, return the amount spent will be possible only if it detects a significant disadvantage, would be violated terms of repair and will often product failure during the warranty period. But there is another side to the coin. Previously, if a defect in the high-tech products with a guarantee of 3 years, you could make a claim to terminate the contract and refund you the money even after 3 years due. Now this will not be.


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