For women hair?

Today cropped haircut and shaven head became universally fashionable "hairstyle" uncomplexed women. His pedigree is, according to one version, severely shortened shaved leads from the ambitious citizens of ancient Rome. They preferred to act and to attack and not to plunge into narcissistic self-contemplation. Stripping the shape of the skull, they showed their individuality, and along with it - a strong-willed discipline and striving for glory, power, victory.

Ancient world

The history of women's haircuts, including the most extreme, dates back to the dawn of civilization and are often sung in ancient legends. One such legend - a legend about the origin of the constellations with a characteristic called Coma. Everything happened in ancient Egypt, and the rules of the country then Ptolemy III Euergetes - young, exuberant Pharaoh prone to military campaigns and conquests. Beautiful was the wife of the ruler - Veronica, which was famous in the whole kingdom for its luxurious hair. When in 243 BC Ptolemy went to another war, his sorrowful wife of the gods made a vow: if they save her beloved husband unharmed - she shall shave her hair and give them a gift to the temple of Aphrodite. Soon Euergetes with the army returns home safe and sound. All rejoice, Veronica is removed in my room and there is a large bronze scissors steady hand shave his gorgeous hair. Nothing can be done - have vowed a vow! Ptolemy saw cropped shaved spouse angry and wanted to keep the cropped hair. I imagine everyone's surprise when, in the temple of Aphrodite was not the gift of Veronica. Royal couple reassured astronomer Conon, saying that the gods liked the gift so they took him to heaven. And now they decorate a spring night, located between the constellations of Leo and Hunting Dogs, reminding themselves about the loyalty and self-sacrifice of a loving woman.


Interesting legend about one of the most beautiful women of all time - Nefertiti. According to the Egyptian customs of hair on the head of the queen, if you have not shaved bald as the temples and back of the head, then you had to be very short. This is evidenced by the image of Nefertiti in tight-fitting skull cap. According to one version, it was coined by the first method of hair removal, to whom she was so absorbed that even removed all the hair on his head. The most familiar headdress Nefertiti were short wigs overhead.

Ancient Rome

After residents of the city of Aquileia, gathering his last strength, recaptured the siege, which has long held the city Roman emperor Maximin, they erected in honor of the victory of the Temple of Venus. This temple was not quite common, and the statue of Venus, which it was, is unique. What is unusual in this statue, and why? The thing is that it is a statue of a bald Venus erected in honor of the women of the city who have lost their hair for bows and catapults.


As pointed out by Professor of Biblical Literature, Rabbi Menachem Brayer in his book "The Jewish woman in Rabbinic literature," the Jews had taken the woman to appear in public not only as a head covering, and sometimes even completely covering her face and leaving open one eye. The author quotes the words of one of the ancient teachers "will not do the daughters of Israel go out bare-headed." "Cursed be the man who allows his wife to show her hair ... a woman who exposes her hair as a decoration brings disaster".


Mystical within Judaism. Originated in Poland in the XVIII century., Under the influence of protest against the formalism of the rabbis. The instigator of the current Israel ben Eliezer became (Besht), which is based on Kabbalah has created its own version of Judaism. Hasidim follow a very orthodox and outdated attitudes and practices, especially in the home. Especially it concerns the treatment of women who are obliged to get a haircut shaved and wearing wigs. Currently, the number of adherents of Hasidism slightly, but they have traditionally had great influence in Israeli politics.


As for Christianity, it is known that Catholic nuns, for example, for centuries covered the head. But that's not all. Very interesting remarks St. Paul in the New Testament: "I also want you to know that the head of every man - Christ, the head of the woman - a husband, and the head of Christ - God. Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head. But every woman praying or prophesying with the head uncovered dishonors her head, for it is the same as if she were shaven. For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn; and if his wife be ashamed shorn or shaven, let her be covered. For a man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but woman is the glory of man. For man is not from woman, but woman from man; Neither was the man created for woman, but woman for man. Therefore the woman ought to have on the head because of her power over the angels "(1 Corinthians 11: 3-10).

Russian medieval

Beauty and the woman of fashion Elizabeth repeatedly delivered grieving his entourage. Daughter of Peter loved to arrange masquerades, in which the ladies were ordered to appear in male attire and gentlemen - in women. On such a masquerade well looked only empress herself, the owner of the long and slender legs, she seemed even more beautiful, surrounded by a crowd of funny fat "boys».

Elizabeth usually combed hair back and tied them to the top of the long pink ribbon. This hairstyle she really was, and no woman, not only in St. Petersburg, but also in the whole of the Russian Empire had no right comb well. In 1748 there was even issued an edict banning the making such hairstyles, some wore Her Majesty. But one day all matter has reached the point of absurdity in the whole history of the world did not have such a law decree supreme power! Elizabeth had ordered all the court ladies shave their heads. Poor lady crying obeyed, and received comfort from Porphyry beauty black hideous wigs, who were forced to wear. Casket just opened - the aging Empress unsuccessfully dyed hair, and she had to part with them, so why not the other damsels share with her this trouble!

Russian pre-revolutionary

June 19, 1917 at the suggestion of Mary servicewoman Botchkareva formed women's "death squad." Supreme Commander Alexei Brusilov this idea reacted warily. He noted that such a formation is not yet anywhere in the world. "Do you hope to women?" - He asked Bochkarev. "I guarantee that my battalion is not ashamed of Russia", - he answered the commander. The appeal of the Moscow Women's Union said: "No nation in the world has reached such a shame that instead of men went to the front of deserters weak women. Women will host toyu a living water that will make Russian heroes wake up. " Instead cockades on their caps woman wearing a skull and crossbones. There were two women formed infantry "battalion of death" and several teams. They include more than 3 thousand women. One of these battalions was one of the last defenders of the Provisional Government in the days of the October Revolution in Petrograd. In January 1918, the Women's Battalion formally disbanded, but many participants continued their service in parts of the White Guard armies.
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