How to be happy at work: 10 Simple Rules

4. Surround yourself with happy people ... even if it means you need something for them to do. People respond positively to what you are to help them, but happiness is contagious environment. From whiners, on the contrary, we should stay away: while the positive-minded people do not give you faint, colleagues who complain from morning till night, be sure to make you turn sour.

5. reconciled with reality.

6. lays out the maximum. If you know what you are doing your job as well as you can, it sometimes gives a sense of satisfaction, even if things do not quite the way you had hoped. Be proud of the fact that well perform their duties.

7. Correctly count the forces. From fatigue and stress often develop a sense of anxiety and obsessive dissatisfaction with life. Try to make sure that you have time for yourself, for fitness, for the family, to communicate with friends, to relax ...

8. take rest. If you are sick of all, you need to briefly escape from an environment where you feel bad. Go take a walk alone or invite a colleague for a cup of coffee. This will help you to calm down and look at the situation soberly.

9. Take action. If the work you something to spoil life, do not wait until the problem will solve someone else - fix it yourself. Bosses love active people, so that you can be, will improve the service, but in any case you will improve the situation in their own workplace and feel better.

10. Be honest with yourself. Maybe you are unhappy because the work does not suit you? Listen to your dissatisfaction. Can you remove it at this point or is it a sign that it's time to move on? If you have done everything they could to cheer yourself up, but still at work in your soul cat scratch, you must have time to find something new. Many people are slaves to their work not because if they have no choice, but because they have made a choice, which put them in an unpleasant position.



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