Feline Buchenwald (4 photos)

About this apartment and our cats new posts told her mother - an elderly woman. She had the strength to do anything. Went to take pictures pristroystvo ... When I came home - crying. I'd never seen ... even blind cats from usypalki looks better for the first time ...
This aunt - zhivoderka in the shower. It has not yet elderly, it is able-bodied, but sits and stares as she cat die.
"Where is the mother of the kitten?" - "She died, was hungry».
Her mother brought the bones of chicken, cat ate them - nothing left, not even a speck of dust. I did not know that cats can eat bones. I thought that only their dog bite-gab, and then the cat ...
If there pick up someone, then it will need long-term treatment. All adult polulysye.
"How old is this cat?" - "It molodeny,, 1, 5. They are all very young." Teeth look - brown. Not yellow! Brown. "Why do not you all very young? They have been born? "-" Yes, it's all my Kitties, from my beloved cat, but she died ».
They are dying of hunger. Or bones? Is the cat can eat a bone without consequences?
She still young. Because they do not live more than 2 years.
I'm afraid that if these take (though who would take them?), Then they too will die - these animals do not live.

We brought food - 8 cans and 8 packets of drying. Opened 6 cans. They attacked.
I sit and think, not whether it will be bad - but 36 cats opened 6 cans - it turns out to 1/6 cans of 400 g - probably should not be bad.
She said "thanks" and "how much do I owe you».

Give all wants. So far, only the kittens. And that is not all.
A sick man. But this is not an old woman who regret it ... sick in the head ... says, "Behold this cat only in good hands." How's that? And the bad - is what? I'll have to learn ...



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