Frames that have been banned in the Soviet Union. 24 Spine-Chilling picture.

During the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 on the Eastern Front worked many foreign correspondents. We must pay tribute to the courage of those who did not leave the office and perform their duties, despite the risk of never returning home. The truly devoted to their work, journalists, especially photographers, managed to get into the center of events and get out of there alive. With them they brought a very valuable staff, who later became one of the few sources of knowledge about the tragic events of that time. These pictures are valuable as a reliable source of information, as in the days of the Soviet Union acted news propaganda, and many of them were not allowed to spread.

1. Three Soviet women-partisan. B>

2. The bomb flies at Stalingrad. B>

3. German soldiers in the Soviet captivity, in February 1943. B>

4. The German troops were taken prisoner by the parents of these children and destroyed their home, the end of 1942. B>

5. Through the eyes of the enemy. B>

6. The commander of the Cossack unit monitors the progress of their troops, Kharkiv region, Ukraine, June 21, 1942 g of. B>

7. Soviet woman shakes his fist at the German prisoners of war, the Soviet Union, February 14, 1944. B>

8. 15-year-old German soldier burst into tears after learning of the capture of the German army allies. B>

9. 62 Army, a group of soldiers, among them two women, marching through the streets of Odessa, in April 1944. B>

10. The horse in the ruins of Stalingrad, in December 1942. B>

11. Russian woman and her burning house, 1942. B>

12. January 1944, the German trench. B>

13. Soviet machine-gunners while crossing the river along the front line, in January 1945. B>

14. Cpl Clarence Matheson demonstrates how to use a bayonet and stick to splint a broken arm while working out maneuvers in San Luis Obispo, California, March 27, 1944. B>

15. Soviet soldiers on the roof of a house in Stalingrad in January 1943. B>

16. Emaciated 18-year-old Russian girl on the day of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp in 1945. B>

17. German soldier kills Ukrainian Jews during the mass shooting in the winery, between 1941 and 1943.. B>

18. Inmates in a concentration camp for "scientific" experiments Ebensee, Austria, May 7, 1945. B>

19. Survivor Russian soldier identifies the former Buchenwald concentration camp guard in Thuringia, was severely beaten prisoners, April 14 1945, Germany. B>

20. 14-year-old inmate of Auschwitz Pole Czeslaw Kwok. B>

21. Mother-son German closes his eyes when they pass by the 57 exhumed bodies of Russian soldiers, May 3, 1945. B>

22. Victory Day in Red Square May 9, 1945. B>

23. Dresden after the bombing in 1945. B>

24. Soldiers of the US and Soviet officers during a friendly meeting on the Elbe, in April 1945. B>

When you look at these pictures, involuntarily sympathize with people for whom war was a personal experience. Share these shots with their friends, so that they, too, have learned more about the events of that time!

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