Schwarzenegger joked about marijuana

Hollywood actor, now governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was joking when he said that marijuana is not a drug. This statement was made on Monday, a spokesman for Schwarzenegger.

60-year-old hero of "Terminator" in an interview with the British edition of the magazine "GQ" told me that he had never taken drugs, but admitted that in 70 smoked marijuana that was even depicted in the documentary 1977 "Pumping Iron" (" Pumping Iron "). "This is not a drug, it's just grass" - said Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Now a spokesman for California Governor Aaron McLeary rose to his defense: "Classification of marijuana, Schwarzenegger, this was done in a context that has not been given in full. Of course, the governor understands marijuana - a drug, and a statement he made in a joking manner. "


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