Fast food causes salt blow

Well-known and loved by many meals pose a threat. Elevated levels of salt in fast fudovskom range strikes primarily at children. So, a group of activists who regularly conducting independent surveys (Consensus Action on Salt and Health, SASN), found that in taking random dish a network of pizzerias Pizza Hut level of "white poison" exceeds the daily norm, the recommended six-year old child, as much as four times .

A similar pattern was observed in relation to other market giants of fast food - KFC, McDonalds and Burger King. However, representatives of all the restaurants said that in recent years has significantly reduced the amount of salt in their dishes.

Doctors recommended maximum daily rate of salt is 6 g for adults, 5 grams for children 7 - 10 years and 3 g for children 4 - 6 years. However, despite all the assurances of monsters fast food industry, a complete meal at Pizza Hut «enrich" each family member on 12 grams of salt, which is more than even the rate calculated for adults twice. And for the five children that means a four-fold excess. Family breakfast "Rostiks" contains less salt - 5 2 g per person. However, given that one of the family meal is not limited, it is possible to assume that the daily intake also in this case will be "beaten».

According SASN, the site of each of the aforementioned companies the detailed information on the composition and the energy value of all foods from their wide range of products, but directly to the point of sale Pizza Hut and KFC did not provide such information. That is why the activists call on the leadership of these restaurants give visitors the opportunity to become acquainted with the content of salt in the meals offered, because the maximum permissible standards of consumption were established four years ago, and notable improvements in this area have not yet seen.

Danger "salt overdose" should not be underestimated. Large quantities of salt provokes thirst, causing the kidneys have to work in emergency mode for several hours. In addition, it is the "white death" to blame for the increase in blood pressure and increased risk of heart disease.

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