Limousine Hollywood stars are unattended (11 photos)

Stylish limousine Mr. Basta Raemsa parked in Germany on a paid parking lot MADNES.

SUV limousine BMW X5 ownership Katie Holmes parked in London on Second street.

Nineteen year old fan of Justin Timberlake, in the hope that someday his idol come to his city, his father legally presented Eldorado and his idol, so Justin could not refuse, he removed the landing vehicle and a half meters from the ground. Today the car is waiting for his master near the building the notary's office.

Armored limousine Eldorado, was presented to Mr. Alpachino the day of his arrival in Sydney. Today the car, with the permission of the owner of the fact used for commercial purposes town.

Limousine Philip Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva, parked in New York on Roulling street. Presented Agency expensive cars, the day of arrival of Queen Russian stage in New York.

Hummer H2 was presented in the Russian king of rap, the day of his arrival in Chicago. As he told Timothy told, "Your Day", a car worth $ 100,000 he got absolutely for free, now it is necessary to buy a house in Chicago and become a citizen of another country.

Hummer H2 black owner in Belgium is the first secretary of the United Nations Coffee Anon. His car is parked right outside the main entrance of the UN office in Brussels.

Limousine for Melanie C, red her favorite color, her classics like. The car is parked in Berlin in front of dramatic theater.

Limousine for vsemirono famous actress PINK, there are rumors that the exact number of vehicles it is simply impossible to count. The only limousine Hummer H2 SUV-known journalists like pink svinёnok waiting mistress for three and a half years.

Pink Eldorado, a former taxi just became famous throughout the city, where is late at the Oscars, Brad Pitt stopped a taxi to get to places faster. First, on the territory of the festival, pink taxi did not miss protection, but after seeing the passenger quickly giving way. In front of hundreds of fans Brad Pitt arrived in a taxi that stunned not only journalists but also his colleagues who later tried to repeat more than once, his unusual action in a party.

Before you personal limousines Hollywood star Madonna. Limousines her so much that even her great-grandchildren beating the globe not syschut all donated to her. Madonna officially registered and 160 limousines in different cities and countries. Two limousine that you see in the picture parked in Massachusetts, to free parking, near the river.


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