Messengers from the life of bank employees

The operator (A), Customer (K)
A: Introduce yourself.
By: Viktor.
A: Last name?
By: Viktor.
A: I'm asking you to call your name.
K: (very quietly) Kozel.
A: Repeat please, you are hard to hear.
K: Yes, I Goat! Lord!

I (employee call-center) - you are interested in a car loan?
A woman - yes, tell us.
I - I start to list the rates and terms.
Well - not in a hurry so I did not have time
I - you write?
Well - no, I think straight!

The client (the taxi driver) :.

Hello! We are now talking to the operator and we ripped!

-Girl, I would find a loan or closed.
He calls the number of the credit agreement.
 - Your full name
- ... What is it?
 - Who designed the contract? On you?
 - Why me? Out of the wife's mother.
 - At PMAC male mother-in-law?
 - Yes. That is not. Now just do not know. I'm her peresproshu and
I call back.

Some time ago, in our call-center operator, Anton worked with
rather pleasant voice. because he, almost standard a dialogue
 - Hello, operator? ..
-Girl, Say, ...
 - Of course, but I'm not a girl!
 - Well, do not worry so much, darling!

The client came for the schedule was very glad to the fact that the schedule he
Sun will get. His phrase I just cleaned
 - I am grateful, grateful, fascinated. Goldilocks, give five !!!

The visitor, guard, Accountant. Talking on the phone:
Arm: To you sir:
Buch: Give him the phone:
Buch: Yes, Holy Father, what would you like?
Pos: I'm not my father, I am your auditor Sergey Batyushkov !!!
Buhgalteriya crying

-Tescha Bitch, he took credit. GDU here to pay for it?

Customer: I have here your e talked a woman is, please explain!

From the statement of the client's relatives:
& quot; He could not get credit for you, as always in a state of intoxication
state because of the lack of passport & quot;

The client runs in the whole of such a disheveled, disheveled, a little woozy and
apparently in a hurry. Runs to staff and shouting girl ... well, you get there
... This ... I get there !!!
Employee: pryachtes ...

From the comments of managers:
& quot; The client did not name the place of work. He was dressed in a uniform of
militia. & quot;

A client in a statement: "One day I was beguiled BES and I got
credit goods ...... employees looked down on me with their snickering
muzzles !!!!! »

Girl, here we remove from the ATM to ATM ... And we have something
removes ????

Comes with standard client request:
 - Give me the money!
 - You want to get a credit card or withdraw cash from already provided you
 - I want to withdraw from your card.
 - Activate the card? PIN there?
 - Yes, 19-07-1959.
 - PIN - is 4 digits.
 - Ah, well then Galia ...

Actually read anketku filled tovarisch in connection with the closing of accounts.
A bunch of stupid questions, but it is clear that the citizen approached creatively - in the column
"The reason for closing the account" appears in large letters "total impoverishment."


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