Russian teen accused of creating one of the most dangerous computer viruses

All data from the 110 million people in the US bank cards were recently stolen by cyber-criminals thanks to their latest computer virus called "kartohu." And yesterday it became known the official information provided "Intelkrouler" that the developer of this virus is a Russian programmer. Read the details in the sequel.

A malicious program called "kartohu" became one of the most dangerous viruses in the United States, through which the data were kidnapped more than 110 million credit cards in America. What is most interesting during the investigation and the search for the creator kibervirus, technical code "kartohu" Russian-speaking elements were found, which means - the virus was "written" partly in Russian. Read more.

Virus with which the data were stolen 110 million credit cards in the United States, wrote a teenager from St. Petersburg.
This is the conclusion of the experts of the company "Intelkrouler" engaged in computer security. The virus was "written partly in Russian».

According to "Intelkrouler" malware authors' kartohu "has sold more than 60 versions of its cyber criminals from various countries, but he was not involved in the attacks. These millions of Americans were kidnapped from stores large trading network "Target" during the winter sales.
A malicious program reads the information from bank cards directly during purchases. In addition, criminals prey became the personal data of 70 million customers.

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