Celebrity before and after surgery

American singer and actor Kenny Rogers considerably younger over the past 10 years. Of course, in the form of country musician was less rustic, but if he shrugged off his good life span. The person does not seem so swollen and red, wrinkles smoothed and even constant groomed beard looks almost like a goatee

Between two photos Donatella Versace been laid 15 years of life and, presumably, all ten plastic surgeries. Of course, her breasts became much more attractive thanks to the silicone additives, but the face is observed the opposite effect. Silicone-inflated lips look ugly and make it even sharper wrinkles, runs from the corners of the mouth to the nose Star

10 years ago, actress Kathy Griffin looked equally ridiculous and provocative. Her dress with fur collar poisonous green shocking no less than manly wrinkled face with a wild chemistry on the head. In the photo on the right is all different: cosmetics, hairstyle, dress - all stresses modesty image. And only addicted to massive necklaces remains unchanged

Quarter of a century and more have passed since Michael Jackson starred in a suit with a butterfly on the memory fans. It is hard to imagine that the right is looking at us the same idol pop scene. There is an impression that the rock singer was replaced by even his race. In any case, plastic surgery procedures had to work hard to create the perfect image, to which we have become accustomed. Jackson pointed nose so unnatural in its beauty that reminds process Pinocchio

In the singer Courtney Love of 1993 and through the clothes lurks her nonconformist nature punk singer. But apparently, years of family storms suicide of her husband, and finally came to her fame made Love tolerant of others and to itself. Now she, with the help of beauticians, has got a charming nose and no longer makes a face in the camera

Not too much has changed in the guise of Mickey Rourke. It can be seen that the actor prefers to daily skin care. However, without a radical intervention surgical scalpel has not done. In the last photo with Rourke and can not see what he once fiercely boxed in the ring, earning a broken cheekbone and nose. Only flat ears and unnatural facial expressions of the lower half of his face resembles a boxing last

Between the two pictures of Ashlee Simpson took about two years, but during this time the singer has made changes in their appearance. Now she has a thin, straight nose and large eyes

Compared with a photo of 15-year-old Cher lips widened considerably. Usually these are experiments with silicone


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