The rehabilitation program after surgery on the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee

Notice: the following scheme is allowed only if the patient remains under regular supervision of a physician.

The reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament after injury are produced every year millions of patients. Itself surgery on the ACL of the knee joint is the main part of the cases, the usual procedure If producing her doctor has the proper skills suitable to the operation in good faith and has the proper tools, this operation does not prepare for challenges. But besides the surgery is also important preparation for her subsequent rehabilitation.


So, in the preoperative period it is necessary to minimize movement of the knee. The importance is not how much time elapsed between injury and operation, and the condition of the knee at the time of surgery.

Consequently, in order to carry out the operation, you must:

  • immobilize the knee with the use of an immobilizer.
  • to treat anti-inflammatory focus, including with the use of ice compresses and arcoxia;
  • exercises to restore the ability to move the joint (extension and flexion), they are produced immediately after injury;
The patient is considered adequately prepared for surgery if:

  • there is no pain under load permissible level (and at rest);
  • muscles can control the leg;
  • there is no swelling;
  • limb flexion and extension at 120 degrees.
The patient before surgery is required to see the treatment plan and to negotiate at work, at the time when he may be freed from her disability.

Postoperative steps

After the operation is completed, the leg placed in a splint, and the joint is overlaid with ice. Further, while continues to act anesthesia that relieves the pain when the drugs leave the body, the patient can leave the hospital.

Procedures after discharge (3 to 14 days after surgery)

The first two days you need to endure bed rest. While the foot remains elevated, we need to move on demand. You need not to give up and take prescribed medications. As decreases swelling and reduce pain you can start moving.

Loads of dressing and hygiene


If the patient has a stationary bike, you can do it, adapting it so as to bend the leg in the sick knee, as it is available. If the wounds from the surgery patch you can wash in the shower, although the bath its protection is not enough. A week after the surgery to come to see the doctor, and a month to him for removal of sutures. The tire itself can be removed when you exercise, but you need to stay in it, when a person walks or sleeps.

The plan to restore ACL after surgery includes exercises for early recovery of the availability of movements. There are also specialized exercise designed for quadriceps, and posterior muscle group.

After approximately polacca after the operation the stitches are removed, people can bathe in the bathroom with no protection.

The return to work

If the employment activity is of an office nature, a return to it is allowed in the seventh–tenth day, if the load of the physical, then such a return is only possible in eight weeks with the approval of the doctor.

3 week after surgery

On the third week start to carry out therapeutic massage of the muscles, combined with post isometric relaxation. Perform miniresidency, rise on the toes and exercise bikes.


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