Operation "Cinderella" shortening with your fingers to better look with heels

Epidemic perfect appearance swept the planet, and especially those who have nowhere to put money. Modern wealthy people do not want to put up with their own disabilities, even if very small. That ugly part of the body, which yesterday was a disadvantage, thanks to plastic surgery, can turn into your pride. All the increasingly popular series of plastic surgery called "Cinderella» (Cinderella-surgery), which resulted in shorter toes and other disadvantages are eliminated, the legs look better in high heel shoes.

http://ax-d.pixfuture.net/w/1.0/afr?auid=538125168&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE video> Usually for any girl shopping trip in search of a new pair of shoes is a heavenly pleasure, but not for 30 year-old woman named Pauline Charlikovska (Paulina Charlikowska), who comes up with all sorts of excuses not to go with her friends shopping

Feet Pauline before surgery em>

Pauline felt that the fingers on her leg [too long, and when she found out about plastic surgery called "Cinderella", then immediately decided to improve their feet

Legs Pauline immediately after the operation, which cost the woman 4,500 pounds (~ 263 thousand rubles)

The end result, the second and third fingers were shortened Pauline centimeter em>

Pauline was just delighted with the operation

41-year-old Sonia Ferguson (Sonja Ferguson) very frustrating her protruding bones on the feet, which became her bother

You can see more protruding bone in the photo above em>

Sonia has always followed the beauty of the legs, but it did not detract from her leg deformities

Photo right foot Sony after surgery. Operations on the left and right legs were made with a time interval

Sonia also was very pleased with the result of the operation

Unfortunately, not all plastic surgery ends successfully. So what happened to 37-year-old Daniel, who complained to his hammer toes. Normally fingers are obtained when people wear shoes a smaller size than they should. Because of this, the toes are bent down like hooks

Legs Daniela immediately after the operation, her legs installed straightening hooks and finger bones were shortened em>

After the operation, the woman realized that something went wrong, because she felt excruciating pain

Once the hooks of her legs were removed, a woman almost fainted from the pain, she could not walk normally. During the year, Daniel had to wear shoes larger. The operation resulted in the fingers on her feet no longer touch the floor, sticking out from different angles, have gained unprecedented rigidity and longer bend Now Daniel never be able to wear high heels.

Be careful venturing to major cosmetic surgery. Think about whether or not to risk their health for the sake of dubious beauty.


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