North Korea - What is it to you never show on TV

Shopping malls, bars, coffee shops, surfing - all these words are associated with anything but not with North Korea. However, these photos will convince you otherwise - the life in this country is present. Perhaps not all of what we see on TV is true?

In North Korea, too addicted to surfing video>

The advantage of large cities is the lack of traffic jams

Center Hamhung - the second largest city in the country. The city is home to over 760,000 people, and the picture was taken just a month ago.

This is different Korea

Media hammered into their heads that the only clothes the residents - a tasteless paramilitary uniforms. In fact it's not. You can meet and classic clothes and national costumes.

Wedding soldier

It is noteworthy that a wedding can be a soldier in uniform. The bride is a traditional national costume.

Rink in Pyongyang

The photo was taken a year ago at the wellness center.

Football is very popular here (stadium in Pyongyang)

Korean supermarket

Inside the shopping center

Snack supermarket

clothing store

A small coffee shop in Pyongyang

How in any subway peddling all sorts of things

There is also a Catholic Church

such unusual canned

If you need ice cream, then here it is

For Kids in colorful form of talk that playing with unexploded shells and bombs the US can not

Meet dangerous echoes of war on the Korean peninsula is still possible, so the authorities are paying so much attention to propaganda materials for the youngest.

There are own smartphones - for the internal market

And the real Korean beer

Kulturnenko sell beer on tap

Street fast food

Photo assures that spicy garlic - a wonderful treat. There is no reason not to believe it.


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