The smallest girl in the world (27 photos)

Kenadi Jordin-Brumley was born February 13, 2003. At birth she weighed a little more than a kilogram, and the doctors did not expect that the girl will survive.
But she survived. First, experts had difficulty with the diagnosis, but when Kenadi was 8 months old, the parents learned that she suffers primordial dwarfism - a very rare type of mutation. People diagnosed with growth usually does not reach more than 75 cm and weigh about 3 kg.

Now Kenadi 4 years. From his illness, she does not feel any discomfort - on the contrary, the girl has already become famous in America as "little angel" and a model for several well-known photographers. And all the difficulties associated with short stature, compensates for the care of parents - they love their daughter and are confident that their family lives a little miracle.

However, as recognized by Briand and Jordin Court Brumley - mother and father Kenadi - the only problem for them - financial. Due to the unusual growth of the daughter, the parents will have to spend a lot of money and time trying to buy special furniture, clothing, and, in fact, to rebuild your entire home. But even these difficulties - nothing compared to the joy that brings Kenadi and parents, and all others.

- She has a gift to warm the hearts of men, - says Brian. - After talking with her, you feel as if touched with God.


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