Without the Internet people will go crazy

Restrictions on the Internet can be a very negative impact on the mental health of a worldwide network of users, the number of which is growing every year, including in Russia. According to the expert of the National Research Center of Television and Radio Fedotovskaya Olga currently it has developed a large subculture that, deprived of the Internet may experience severe stress.

According to experts, the Internet firmly entered into the everyday life, serve as a means of salvation was the psyche, a kind of "safety valve" for many people who are at a serious employment at work once to watch TV, go to the cinema or a club.

"The Internet is for many a means of psychological relief, and if people will not find themselves in the life of some kind of outlet, it can cause serious psychological problems," - says Fedotovskaya.

It is worth noting that researchers from the firm eMarketer forecast online population explosion in Russia. According to their calculations, by the end of 2008, Russia takes the second place after Germany in the number of Internet users. Presumably, by the end of this year, the Internet audience in Russia reached 40, 3 million users, penetration rate will be 28, 6%. By 2010, when the number of users has exceeded 50 million, Russia will oust Germany from first place.


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