Aguilera was terrified to give birth

27-year-old Christina Aguilera showed the world their first child and told the real reason why her son Max was born by Caesarean section.

The singer confessed to the magazine "Hello", she was horrified by the natural childbirth: "I had heard terrible stories about the tears. I wanted to give birth in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. I did not want any surprises. "

Singer is not alone in his fears. According to statistics, 1 in 14 mothers afraid of childbirth. Some studies even showed that almost half of women walking on the cesarean delivery is so intimidated that it affects their health.

Recalling his birth, Christina adds: "Jordan is absolutely fastidious - he's filmed. As soon as I heard the baby crying, my tears flowed from his eyes. "The couple are extremely happy of what became the parents:" We can not get enough of her son. We are studying it, he examines us. It's an incredible experience and the best time of our lives. "

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