To create the most powerful laser in the world

"If it were possible to collect with the help of a giant magnifying glass all the light emitted by the Sun to the Earth, in one source, it would have made a beam that power is comparable to the new laser system" - say in the US University of Michigan, where he created the most powerful in the Optical laser system of the world.

"We can produce a beam of such intensity instantly. I do not know of another place in the universe, which would produce light of the same intensity. I believe that this is an absolute record, "- said Carl Krushelnik, a physicist at Michigan.

The pulse laser beam is 30 femtoseconds (3x10-12 seconds).

Developers installations say that such a ray will help scientists to create the perfect flow of protons and electrons for radiation therapy used in the treatment of cancer. Furthermore, it is possible to use the system in other areas such as in optical physics experiments and the speed of light.

Power beam is 20 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 watts per cm sq. If a beam length was at least 1 cm, it would generate 300 TWh electricity. However, because the length of the beam is only 1, 3 microns, it is possible to work with in the laboratory. The thickness of the beam is about 1 micron.

Laser system, generating such a beam, called Hercules. The developers say that the Hercules can create a powerful beam every 10 seconds, which is much better than other systems that require tens of minutes to re-set power.

From a technical standpoint, Hercules - a titanium-sapphire laser, which occupies several rooms in the Laboratory of optical studies at the University of Michigan. Installation consists of several optical elements and mirrors, which are sequentially increased beam power.

"Hercules uses the gain momentum developed in the 1980s, but only recently realized" - say in the university.

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