The United States conducted the test chemical laser

Washington, May 20 (New Region, Simon Smolny) - US seriously are preparing for Star Wars. The company "Boeing" reported that a week ago, has successfully conducted the first - is that the ground - the test chemical laser, says RBC daily.

The laser was installed on board the aircraft "Lockheed C130 Hercules" at the US Air Force "Kirtlend" in the state of New Mexico. These tests are the first step towards the creation of high-precision weapons, developed by request of the Pentagon, which can later be used against Russia.

Earlier, on the basis of "Kirtlend" laser was tested only in the laboratory. But this year will not only land, but also aerial firing, and then - the firing of an airplane on ground targets. Rotating laser gun is planned to install underfloor tanks. The "Boeing" argue that the tests "are the right pace┬╗.

According to the vice-president and general manager of anti-missile systems company "Boeing" Scott Fancher, chemical laser is good because it can be used to destroy targets with minimal damage to everything around.

This is especially important for military operations in urban environments. But long been known that the chemical laser is used as one of elements of the US missile defense system to be deployed now.

"In the event of a military conflict with the US, Russia will try to put retaliatory strike, the Americans will be able to eliminate a significant portion of our missiles in the boost phase of their trajectory weapon air-based, including - continuous chemical laser, - told RBC daily, the president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, General -polkovnik Leonid Ivashov. - Developments in such a scenario is possible in the 2015-2020 year ┬╗.

According to Leonid Ivashov, the deployment of US anti-missile space system - from 12 to 16 platforms with a powerful laser, which range up to 10 thousand kilometers - will start very soon.

"Last year, the development of reusable space system financed by the US Congress. Creates a field for the second stages of the interception of missiles and warheads in outer space ", - the expert said.

It should be noted that Russia currently lags far behind the United States in the field of military laser technology. In just a few years, the gap may be too expensive to manage our country, concludes RBC daily.


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