Japanese schoolgirl usurp toilets for the disabled, there are trading cowards

SPA writes about a new problem - Japanese schoolgirls began to usurp the public toilets for disabled people, and they are engaged in trade shorts (so-called "burusera"). Larger restrooms located at stations, were much easier to traditional "trade places". The girls realized that selling "product" directly is much cheaper than using a special commission shops.

"Customers like it too," - says 17-year-old Macy, trades selling used panties for two years. "If you buy underwear in burusera store is not known whether it was used. Plus, if the buyer personally see as you take off pants, he can throw more money - Bargain and still earn between 5,000 and 7,000 yen ... Depending on the circumstances, for one pair of underwear can give up to 20,000 yen. »
By the way girls say that the toilets at stations safer - if the buyer decides to pervert attack the juvenile "saleswoman" then the loud cries of the passengers immediately come running.

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