Alain Vodonaeva was a man

The former star of the reality show "Dom-2", and now the lead singer of "plasma" Alain Vodonaeva was a man. At least, that representatives of the stronger sex girl tagging yourself during "Live Breakfast" to "Europe Plus».
For the first time "Brigade have" - ​​the leading morning show Jam, Tanya and Ilya - staged an outdoor breakfast. In the Moscow Palace of Youth were invited to show-business stars and ordinary listeners. On the agenda was, in fact, breakfast, competitions, live performances and live with them as communication, including lie-detector test.

Had to undergo this procedure, and the group of "plasma" as part of Maxim's bed, and Alena Roman Chernitsyna farmacia.

"Is it true that you have in each city have children?" - Asked the radio presenters at the "plasma". For the whole group to take the rap alone Alain: "I think I would have ended if I had kids in every city where I was».
"Is it true that you're really brothers?" - Sounded the next question. "However, all three of them. And it's a great guy, "- confessed to his masculine essence of Allen.

The rest of the infamous ex-star of "House-2" behaved modestly and discreetly. Despite its reputation as hunters on male colleagues "plasma" Allen did not even hugging. But before leaving the stage she talked with fans and even tried his hand as the paparazzi. And for the audience and radio listeners new team performed the first Russian-language song "Paper Sky».

From the Palace of Youth Alain Vodonaeva left and without revealing intrigue, with whom of the soloists of the group it may have an affair. However, it is known that the singer was leaving the newly formed company of bed Max.

Other guests' breakfast Living "to" Europe plus "steel group" Silver ", which finished third at last" Eurovision "and Thomas N'Evergreen. All actors have to make an effort to so early (a "Brigade have" works from 7 am to 10 pm), and come up in the Youth Palace. However, the stars were richly rewarded with thunderous applause of numerous spectators, who despite the early time literally occupied room.


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