6 most talked about divorce Russian show business since the beginning of 2013

August 20 it became known that one of the most respected and discussed domestic show business, producer Konstantin Meladze, divorcing his wife Jana, with whom he lived in love and harmony for many years. The reason for the divorce Meladze, naturally, does not advertise, and the people he builds a version of a split family producer. Someone thinks that nonpublic Ian just tired of Constantine, which is constantly surrounded by young beauties (in the project "I want to Viagra", which promotes producer, such small car and truck), some are inclined to believe that divorce Meladze started to his name has finally ceased to be associated with the tragedy (at the end of last year, Constantine became a party to the accident, which killed a woman).
In general, as well as foreign celebrities, representatives of our show business like to draw attention to his own wedding and divorce. Offer to see which ones were the most discussed since the beginning of this year

Konstantin Meladze leaves the family, but the children take care of the many budetOdna ex-soloists Viagra, and now a solo singer Anna Sedokova split from her husband Maxim Cherniavsky. Gorgeous very actively fueled interest in their own marital status on his Twitter account: it is constantly post tweets about his heartache. It turned out that Cherniavsky turned out to be even ladies' man: having left on vacation, he hung out with another ex-viagrinkoy, Santa Dimopoulos (though not a tete-a-tete, and a group of friends). Anna suffered, jealous, and finally in May this year her marriage to Cherniavsky ordered to live long. But the former Sedokova not mad: it reported again on Twitter, she has a great relationship with Maxim and he loves their little daughter Monica

For metrosexuals Cherniavsky needed eyes and the eyes

Anna felt that her friend Santa stole her Blessed
Former star of "House-2", the singer and TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva split from her husband, businessman Alexei Malakeeva. It was a long couple divorce: farmacia close friend, another "domushnitsa" Victoria Bonia told me that Alex and Alena not lived together for several months before applied for a divorce. Temperamental farmacia, this situation does not suit, so in anticipation of the court decision, she wrote on Twitter that will not wait, when will once again be free. Naturally, the fan club Alena wanted to know the reason for the divorce, and she said something banal like "our relations have grown themselves." "People" version was interesting - supposedly began at Malakeeva money problems and he could not provide all the needs of its public spouses

To ensure that a girl like Alena, you need to plow and plow
2013 was rich in all divorces among the stars, "Dom-2". Few of all, watching full-length project believed that the marriage between the leading show Ksenia Borodina and one of the participants, Michael Terehin last until the ripe old age of both. And so it happened. After a couple of wins on the project home and began to equip his life, began Brazilian passion: Michael and Xenia quarreled at the camera, parted, were reconciled. As a result, the first was blown away Terekhin: he collected things and went on Borodina, throwing on Twitter phrase that love with her, and with his hand held. For some time a couple of fans still hoped that Xenia and Michael has reconciled, but in the end it ended in divorce official

Love built in front of cameras, was short-lived
Singer Tatyana Bulanova fooled for a while journalists and fans, has denied all rumors about the separation from her husband, football coach Vladislav Radimov, although since the beginning of the year there were rumors that Radimov was little wife, his senior by seven years (Tatyana 44), and he became interested in Moscow's it-girl Anna Ananova. Bulanov, the true keeper of the hearth, as long as possible trying to put a good face on a bad game, and in an interview said that her family is all right. But murder will out - in June couple announced the official break

Parted ways-track ...
Surely, the most discussed in 2013 in divorce is the separation resident Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov and his wife Julia. This event would not have gained so much resonance, if not the reason for the gap - passion comedian star of "Internship" Christina Asmus. Julia enraged for evermore his former and decided what else to knock it the maximum monetary compensation. Ex-Mrs Kharlamov distributed several interviews in which complained about the betrayal of her husband and his cowardice (say, he kept secret adultery and did not dare to confess to treason simply). "I advise all women whose husbands are shot in some projects with Christine Asmus, carefully monitor them" - said Julia

Yulia requires Kharlamov half a million dollars otstupnyh

Ex-wife is sure: Asmus - inborn ugonschitsa men


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