Russian scientists have invented a time machine

Employees of the Moscow Institute of claim: a particle accelerator, which will soon be launched in Switzerland - a step towards the creation of a time machine.

Russian scientists caused in society and the scientific world sensation. Employees of the Moscow Mathematical Institute. Steklov Aref'eva Irina and Igor Volovich formulated a theory about the possibility of time travel.

According to them built at the European Center for Nuclear Research near Geneva newest accelerator is able to create a wormhole, where it will be possible to travel through time in two directions: to the future and the past.

Site Epoch Times adds: authors working at the Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences (IIAS). Irina Aref'eva - a professor of the Institute, and Igor Volovich - Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, last year he was awarded the Gold Medal for a series of Chebyshev "Stochastic limit the study of the dynamic properties of quantum models».

On the possibility of the formation of particles in accelerators microscopic black holes, we said a few years ago. The Holocaust, in particular, predicted the American experimentalists in Brookhaven, relevant films were shot even-horror stories, but not nuclear engineers then considered the threat real enough, and they were right.

The article Arefieva and Volovich argues that proton-proton collisions at the LHC could lead to the formation of specific areas of space-time with closed timelike curves, which may be a violation of causality. One of the models of the current allowable time machine - the so-called wormhole passable - that is a tunnel leading to a different time or space. In the new paper argues that the probability of formation of wormholes in the LHC is comparable to the probability of occurrence of the black hole itself. However, to the wormhole proved to be stable, "passable", still need to "strengthen" its walls exotic antigravity substance - such as the recently discovered dark energy. From the point of view of modern physics is nothing impossible in this, in principle, no.

Wormholes, and even black holes are still hypothetical objects, the probability of their education at such a small (on a cosmic scale) energy in the LHC, the majority of modern physicists seriously considered, and the nature of dark energy is still uncertain, so talk about applying it to create a time machine is not necessary. Consistent "wormholes" many scientists flatly denied, and unstable to use for time travel is impossible.

Of course, if through the wormhole could "squeeze" at least some information, in principle the possibility of contacts with the past and the future is already there, but this does not necessarily wait until the end of construction of the Large Hadron Collider. Cosmic rays crashing into the Earth's atmosphere can carry with far greater energy, not to mention the processes that take place in extreme conditions - in supernova explosions, in the centers of galaxies, etc.

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