Special holiday in the US to keep a youthful tenants

The house on Long Island designed and built Arakawa and Madeline artists jeans. According to their idea, the design of the building and a number of features are planning to resist the natural human aging process, thereby bringing the tenant to immortality, writes The New York Times.

Construction of the house, which was the first work of the pair in the United States, has managed artists two million, who provided anonymous investors. So far, no one lives there, but the building is fully ready for the start to rejuvenate the hosts.

The main feature of the house - its floor, so uneven that the tenants will have to try not to lose your balance. Having fallen, you can roll down to the kitchen, which is located in a recess in the center of the house. The difference should be high-rise levels, on the idea of ​​architects to create the feeling of being simultaneously in two spaces. Windows in the building of various sizes, and the walls are painted in 40 different colors.

All these inconveniences are designed to help the user to always stay home on the alert, because comfort, according to the authors of the project - is a harbinger of death. The house needs to keep a tenant in the "experimental" relationship with the environment, thus preserving his youth.

For Arakawa escape from fate has become a key theme of art. Naprmer, he talked about his other project performed in a similar way - the house in which lived the elderly over time significantly improve your health, in particular, strengthen the immune system.

It is difficult to imagine how serious artists the ability to perceive such a way to confront death. Some of their friends tend to think that it's just a conceptual joke.

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