Gift girl. Terms donation :)

If you want your gift to be remembered, it is necessary to give it on his behalf, and not on any there Dior or Versace. A set of drill bits from Nicholas - a day to remember!

If you want your girl does not sit on the cold, give her the book. If you do not want it to put the pan on the table, give her a book! The book, like a hundred years ago - the best gift!

However, many women are convinced that the book - what whatever it is - it is about nothing. If you want it to change your mind, and even began to read, give her "War and Peace" and tell me that somewhere inside there is some kind of a cool probe.

If you want it fast smarter, give her glasses, hat and chess.

If you want your girl in love with the language of Goethe, Schiller and Goebbels, the best German popnofilma still nothing came up.

If you want to, but your girlfriend does not want to donate something. If you do not help, usypte petals back seat of the car, bags of potatoes, old tires in the garage.

Do you want to check whether it is economic? Invite her to an Italian restran to the kitchen.

If you want to keep her what to wear, buy her hula-hoop.

If you want it more often sweeping the floor at home, give her gown to the floor.

If you want your woman was not nervous, give her a calendar and a pen with red paste.

Your girlfriend wants to leave you? Give her a car and say that, well, goodbye. About result write to us, and that we do not have the money yet to test this effective way to keep it.

To make your girl hand dishwashing and cooking food, you can give bluetooth-headset.

Give her gag to show that you understand it without words.

Do you want to make a gift from the heart and without any hints? Give her a hundred rubles. Or the sun.

Do you want to quietly watch the match "Spartak" - CSKA? Give it an hour before the match, a ring with an emerald. After the match, it can be removed back into the safe.

If you want your girl fell in love with football, pay her a bonus for each winning our match.

If you want to give it to prove that you have hands grow where necessary, give her octopus, let him look itself will draw conclusions.

Your girl loves poetry, and you only have a diamond necklace? Nothing to do, give her a diamond necklace. Suddenly she likes not only poetry?

Do you want a good laugh? Give the girl a hairdryer and a motherboard in a colorfully decorated, the package!

Well, finally, if you want your girl to dress better, tell her bluntly: "You know what, girl, you better get dressed."


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