Facts about offices and work

According to recent figures, three-quarters of the Japanese spend in the office 60% of their time. Two-thirds of working Japanese deliberately refuse the weekend and only 5% go on vacation. In this ten - something about our work.

10th place: The oldest operating companies at the moment - there are 1189 years. Company FeverHem Oysters Fischer Co. cultivates oysters. This is an open joint stock company, you can also buy a share and become a co-owner of the company.

9th place: World's Largest Office. Now it no longer exists. The WTC in New York to work at the same time 65,000 people. However, visitors and tourists of World Trade Center was visited by 150,000 people every day.

8th place: By the way, is now the tallest office building is located in Europe, in a building height of 265 meters of 65 storeys, which employ a total of 4000 people.

7th place: The biggest store in the world (thank God with him while nothing happened), he is also in New York, it's a department store Macy. It employs 12 thousand people, shopping areas occupy 200,000 square meters. m, and buyers are offered 400 thousand different products. Macy's annual turnover reached one billion dollars.

6th place: The world's oldest stock exchange. It is located in the Belgian city Bryutsts and was founded in the 13th century. Market - the place where traders meet to make a deal. The word "exchange" comes from the Greek Beers, which means "a bag of money." On the family coat of arms of the founders of the stock exchange, van der Bryutse merchants, depicted three purse.

5th place: old employee of the firm. He worked at the shipping company in New Jersey, and 86 year celebrated its centenary. But he did not think to retire! Like 85 years ago, every morning he came to work in his office.

4th place: old knowledge worker, professor. At the age of 107 years, Friedrich Wilhelm von Rauhhaupt was introduced as a visiting professor at the University of Heidelberg lecture schedule. Specialization Mr. Rauhhapta - International law and comparative law, in particular the legal aspects related to the use of space (for example, who owns the minerals on the moon).

3rd place: The most diligent in the world of the secretary. He works for the Indian factories producing typewriters. Somehow gopsodin AnbHavane spent at the typewriter with a small five days. During this time he published 800 000 letters, that is done for about 2 keystrokes per second.

2nd place: The world's longest working day. Housewife from Belgium hit the KRG after 78 hours and 1 minute without interruption stood at the hot stove and fried fries. By the way, fries invented it in Belgium, and to this day the Belgians upotreblinyut him more than anyone in the world.

1st place: The most unusual profession in the world. American Todd Gordon is working pretty smile. No one can explain why. But advertisers have discovered that the smile Gordon increases the impact of any advertising. Now for a smile in one television commercial, Gordon receives 4000 dollars.


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