Seven tips for those who want to wake up with no problems

Most people at some point in life suffered from having to get up early for work. For many, this problem remains valid until retirement. These seven recommendations can help easily and painlessly overcome the "morning suffering».

1. Develop a day regimen. Simple and very effective advice. All people live in obedience to the daily 24-hour rhythm, but each organism can be worked out its own cycle. Necessary to determine in which exactly an hour to get up in time to do it all without haste morning of the case and not be late for work. And stick to that schedule 7 days a week, with no discounts on weekends and "vacation." After some time the body will develop the habit of waking up iron at a certain time, and the person does not even need the alarm clock.

2. Eat breakfast myself, dinner give to the enemy. Golden words, if we forget about dinner, you want to "share with a friend." In the morning you should eat as much as possible in the evening - as little as possible. Only if the body is functioning optimally. Go to bed on an empty stomach is recommended - it promotes sound sleep. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule (similar to the style of life is not suitable for people with stomach problems).

3. Do not pull sleep. When we were kids, it is extremely reluctant to go to bed on the team parents, trying to grab as much as possible "extra" minutes. As adults, we continue to do it, and sometimes linger well into the night. We must ask ourselves the question - is it worth it this? What causes serious tear us from sleeping at night, and whether they have to sacrifice their health?

4. The plan for the day. Planning working days, weeks and months is guaranteed to help set up the consciousness to achieve results. In the diaries should write not only business meetings, but walking, eating and going to bed. The presence of such plans sometimes helps perform step 3.

5. Have ready the water. Water - a great "awakening" means. And not to pour it sonyam the collar. Should be put on the nightstand before bed with a glass of cool water in the morning after waking up to make a few sips. Water perfectly cleanses the mind from sleep and gives the body the energy it needs.

6. Maintain regular workouts in the morning. In the 24-hour cycle, in accordance with which our body functions included sleeping, eating, working, and many other functions. Morning exercises - the best set of exercises which helps quickly come to his senses. Once received accustom ourselves to charging, the body in the morning will require another portion of the exercises. So morning drowsiness instantly pass.

7. Take some personal time. Morning can not be called successful if it can not find at least a few quiet minutes of personal time. It does not matter that it is - meditation to purify the mind, or a ten-minute reading of the popular book - the main thing that it was. If every morning we are waiting for some calm and pleasant moments, the body quickly banish sleep.


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