My wife is in the hospital ...

My wife is in the hospital. So. After work, drove to the store. Bought food. Came home. Removed the cat. Wee met with the school.
Helped make the lessons. Cooked food. Feed everyone. Ran with a vacuum cleaner.

Washed the dishes. Detail packed bed. Fed the cat. Loaded washing.
Everywhere clean up. No telly, no computer is not even included.
(If it goes further, it will start in the free time watching soap operas and cry ...). Lay down. O'clock in the morning. No hands, no legs, back hurts.
Get up early tomorrow and guide children to practice.
Presented the situation:
At the door bursts late wife
Cut in telly, rattles pots looking to eat. Laughing out loud.
... At once !!!


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