Maksim is preparing to repeat the fate of Britney

Singer Maksim against their will is ready to repeat the fate of Britney Spears and walk for a while without volos.No if its Western counterparts Britney shaved voluntarily, then Maxim also there are real problems.

Because of non-compliance after surgery for hair extensions at the singer Maksim began to drop their own locks. To make the hair a little thicker, the artist decided to capsule hair extensions.
- If you use a hairdryer, foams and varnishes, begins to fall, not only hair extensions, but also their own - says the master of hair extensions Catherine M.

Due to the strong employment a 23 year old artist included a rider service upscale hair stylists.

- When I started to brush Maksim, I was surprised that the comb "is not." But looking more closely, I realized that the singer is more than 50 percent of the hair - artificial - says "TD" Barnaul stylist Natalia Klyuyev. - Capacity done well, but with the likes of the singer, hair, I would not recommend this procedure. There was even a small incident: a lock of her hair remained in my hands, and Maksim pretended not to notice. The singer has already started to go bald. Of course, the situation is reparable: it is necessary to remove the capsule and begin to treat the hair.


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