★ 10 tips on how to make your hair shiny.

1. Not too many brush. Against the advice of our grandmothers comb your hair every day, 100 times a day, take the time to follow it. Excessive combing hair breaks, destroys them, it deprives them of uniformity and brightness. Never brush wet hair, enough to spend only a couple of times on wet hair and comb only with wide teeth. This will help prevent split ends and which are also the reason for the lack luster.
2. Do not wash too often. Vidal Sassoon changed our understanding of shampoo and hair washing procedure, offering shampoo formula "wash as often as you want." Recently, however, a growing number of experts agree the hair, wash your hair every day is not worth it. Optimally - through the day. Every day, you can only wash the hair very short or very fatty. In this case can be used as a shampoo less.

3. Cold rinse. Finish washing the hair with cold rinse. This "seal" the cuticle, the hair looks more shiny and smooth.

4. Air conditioning - only appropriate for your hair type. Then it will not weigh down your hair and not be too bold for you.

5. How can you use less hairdryer. Hair dryers and irons, though straighten hair, but tarnish, making hair brittle and dull. Review your habits. May not necessarily wash your hair immediately before leaving the house. Then you can dry the hair naturally.

6. Regularly trim the ends. Sometimes it is enough to get rid of split ends and shine will be restored. Even if you grow hair, trim the ends still need!

7. Go to shade darker. Firstly, blonde hair absorb light, reflect it worse, and therefore less visible sheen. Secondly, the mean staining agent provides additional hair film, which makes the hair smooth, uniform and brilliant. Third, paint, especially reddish shades better than others reflects sunlight.

8. Try a special line of tools for the light, which should include shampoo, conditioner, balsam-mask.

9. But do not use too much product on the hair! If you find a good product for shine, do not use it on the principle of "the more, the better." The opposite is true: the smaller, the better.

10. Try a mask from the hot oil. There is a sale of the finished oil and combination of oils for this, but you can do a hot oil wrap themselves. For this fit olive oil, avocado oil, other vegetable oils popular. Wrapping should be done once a week.


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