15-year-old girl will remove the 7-kilogram tumor from his face

The long-awaited operation finally returns Vietnamese schoolgirl to a normal life. From ailment girl suffering from 3 years

Such cases are, unfortunately, not uncommon. The tumor may appear at all, at first glance, healthy baby and at first seem like a small mole. Then, the mole begins to grow, it may disrupt vision and block the airway.

So it was with Tao Phi Lai. The disease is manifested when she was only 3 years old, said MIGnews. For 12 years the tumor has grown to catastrophic proportions, and her weight reached nearly 7 kilograms. Now it not only spoils the girl's face, but also prevents it to perform simple actions. Moreover, the tumor is threatening the life of a schoolgirl, which soon might just suffocate.

Help the girl took the activists of the International Children's Fund. They organized a collection of money for an operation for Tao Phi Lai, allowing the girl received 107 thousand dollars for treatment. Now she will have an operation that will hold physicians from the University of Miami, USA.

Recall recently suffered the same fate a young Chinese woman. Her case was even worse - swelling in the buttock girl weighed as much as 45 kg (!), And at length reached 137 centimeters.


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