Typo in the death of a spouse turned SMS

Young couple from Turkey, Emine and Ramazn Kalkoban, having lived together for several years, decided to break the relationship and divorce. As it often happens during the divorce process they exchanged reproaches, and most of them were sent to each other by SMS.

In response to another comment by the wife of Ramadan wrote the lyrics: "You're just in time changes the subject when you do not know what to say." However, he made a mistake in one letter, and the message received is extremely offensive. Without realizing it, he sent his wife. Emine read SMS, naturally offended and showed it to his father, who called Ramazan and demanded that he came to apologize.

Do not expect anything bad Turks went to the house for almost a former test. Before he could enter a few sharp knives pierced his body. The father of his wife and her two sisters avenged outraged honor Emine, who stood behind them and watched. Bleeding Ramadan managed to last so dodge to hit former favorite knife, and then commit suicide.

Despite the improbability of the situation, this story really took place. The fact that the "mobile" version of the Turkish alphabet one letter is missing from the real language. In this regard, there are constant incidents associated with SMS-messages. But it is not one of them leads to the irreparable consequences

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