The man lived 256 years

In 1933, Time Magazine and obituaries New York Times reports that at the age of 256 years died Li Ching-Yun (Li Ching-Yun), who had already buried 23 wives and 180 trained heirs.

It was he really so old and tried to figure out Environmental Graffiti.

Secrets of endless life

"Take care of your heart, sit like a tortoise, walk briskly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog" - that was the advice Li Ching-yun, the warlord Wu Pei Fu (Wu Pei-fu), who really wanted to learn the secrets of unending life. Lee has always maintained the peace of mind - that was the secret of his incredible longevity. Thus his diet consisted of rice wine.

From birth to 256

About childhood and adolescence Lee Ching-Yuen survived little information. Only it is known that he was born in Sichuan (Szechwan) in China, where he lived until his death. By age 10 Ching-Yun was educated enough, Lee has already visited Kang-soo, Shanxi, Tibet, Annam, Siam and Manchuria, where he has been collecting various herbs. Then the story of his life is lost ...

Over a hundred years later Lee continued his herbs. As stated in Time, fingernails on his right hand, he had a 15 cm (6 inches). You might think that in this age, he looked like a decrepit, bony and dreadful old man, however, Lee was quite cheerful and looked like a typical 60-year-old man. Maybe after all his date of birth was recorded incorrectly?

The Nine Lives of Li Ching-Yun

As Lee himself said, he was born in 1736 and lived for 197 years. However, in 1930, Wu Chung-shin (Wu Chung-chien), professor and dean of the University Minkuo, found records confirming that Li was born in 1677, and that the Imperial Chinese Government congratulated him on his 150th and 200th anniversary .

Is Lee forgot the day of one's birth? Or maybe was not the only one Li Ching-Yun?

For a long time the oldest person on the ground was considered Jeanne-Louise Calment (Jeanne Louise Calment), whose age was considered phenomenal - she was 122 years old. She lived in France and died in 1997.

This means that if the records have been found by Wu Chung-Shin are correct, then the age of Li Ching-Yun exceeds a registered officially age more than 130 years. It is medically possible?

As reported in 1928, New York Times, looks too young Lee questioned his age (recall that in his more than 200 years old, he looked 60). Is it possible that the human body has such an amazing ability, or is it a story of Li Ching-Yun only half true and half-fiction? We can only guess.


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