Radiator future astounding

Take a look at the picture and try to guess what it depicts? It might take a while. Does not exceed? Try it again. Can you tell me something name: Octocube? Behind can be seen the two wires, so this device and is intended for something. Rent? The author of this little riddle is a French designer Vivien Muller, but the object itself is a heating device. Project radiator was created specifically for the exhibition, and won one of the prizes.

Heater features a large effective surface area and versatility. The radiator is made of ductile plastic, however, all the elements of the heating element are connected by a heat-sensitive PVC, which varies its color ranging from gray to dark red depending on its degree of heating elements and temperature of water that flows inside.

Octocube perfectly fit into your interior and will delight your eyes and conceptual uniqueness.


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