Samsung has denied reports about leaving the laptop market

South Korean company Samsung has denied reports about plans to close its production of laptops in 2011, the magazine writes TechRadar. Earlier, the same publication reports that the company can leave the laptop market, if within three years did not increase its share in it three times.

TechRadar got your information on the presentation of Samsung. Head of International Sales Corporation showed a presentation that indicated that by 2011 the company is to sell 11 million notebooks, that is, take 5, 7 percent of the market. The slide was also written that 11 million - "the minimum number for the survival of the market."

In his rebuttal Samsung said that plans for the closure of the respective units there, but by 2011 the company expects to market saturation and the tightening price competition. In the new conditions, only the sale of 11 million notebooks will keep production profitable notebooks.


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