As in Africa victimized come in large numbers (5 photo + text)

In South Africa, the Republic of local black population blizzards come in large numbers counterparts from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi. In Johannesburg, only in the last few days at the hands of street gangs killed 12 people, another 50 people taken to hospitals with injuries of varying severity.

The deteriorating economic situation in the country, rising unemployment - responsible for these evils were assigned to workers from neighboring countries of South Africa. Under the slogan "Foreigners - out, and South Africa - for yuartsev" a group of men armed with guns and iron bars attacked the visitors. Basically, until, beaten and robbed of the only blacks. Police are trying to deal with figliganami, but so far without success.

The look of these gangs, and in fact, scary.

These victims of bandits lightly - they survived.

Police in action.


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