Balloon for $ 100


Teen from the UK was fined £ 50 (about $ 100) for the pollution of the environment, writes Daily Mail Reporter. 16-year-old Max Tuizell was caught on a charity event in Newcastle for the way ... he threw a balloon filled with helium.

"I bought a balloon with helium to pokryakat, for fun - is justified by the teenager. - Then I threw it, and this guy came up and immediately fined me. And I do not even give me the possibility to pick up the garbage ».

However, the authorities did not show compassion for the offender and gave him 28 days to pay the fine. Otherwise, he will have to appear before the court. "Some such a measure may seem harsh, but for the sake of a clean and safe city, we must clearly demonstrate that such misconduct will not be tolerated," - said Stivegn Savage, Director of monitoring and social protection.

Mother "juvenile delinquent" Lorraine Tuizell outraged actions of the police: "Around us many examples of much more serious environmental pollution! I'm ready to defend the innocence of his son in court, but now he is afraid that he would be considered a criminal, if I lose. "


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