Katya Lel left her husband


Over three years, the redhead for some time singer Katya Lel "burned" and was "in taste." Alas, recently convinced Artist: love really live three years: a couple of weeks ago, the romantic story of Katya and her boyfriend Igor ended. Unfortunately, many confounding expectations for a couple friends and colleagues in the shop, full-length novel, and has not culminated in marriage. Weddings - will not: Now Lel - a free woman.


While the whole country is actively sang: "Musi Musi-Pusey and syusi" head over heels in love with Katya full swing preparing to experience all the delights of family life. Inspired by the singer, as it should in such cases, has already received from the groom's ring with a diamond, and is actively preparing for the wedding. Moreover, the official date of the marriage the lovers changed three times. Successful entrepreneur fiance Kate indulged, gifts to the bride with expensive gifts and promised bright future. Not once exciting performer reported that Igor madly wants children. 3-year-old civil marriage with the famous singer 33-year Igor could not stand the test of time and, to put it mildly, cracked, and short of the official registration.

Despite the fact that the long-awaited stamp in your passport at the cheerful Lel has not appeared, the singer does not despair.

Now pop diva style changed radically, bright red hair and juicy make an integral part of the image of Katie, to return to the glamorous light

-I Free and my heart is open to the arrows of Cupid, - openly declared Katia

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