The measure orgasm?

Sexologists divided the women into three roughly equal groups

The first third - always has an orgasm, a second - often, but not always, the third - never. Then they brought out "Percentage of female orgasmic».

To calculate it, it is not necessary to be a great mathematician. It's simple. Take a hundred last acts of love and count how many of them ended in orgasm. If half, the figure is not so bad. And problems with orgasm can speak only when he visited you in only 30 - 20 - 10 acts. But a hundred - the number of time-consuming, so if you want to bring your "interest", take ten, and are calculated according to the same principle.

Thus, if in ten acts orgasm ended, only one, do not rush to enroll themselves in the frigid club. Those have never and under no circumstances do not experience orgasm. And even if you are experienced in a lifetime is only one - it is progress, we can only improve.

Sexologists claim that the female orgasm increases a woman's chances of pregnancy. When the vaginal muscles contract, and that is what they are doing during orgasm, the vagina as it absorbs more sperm and sends them to their destination - to meet the egg. But not only. If a woman has an orgasm before the man, her vagina, cutting, will begin open and close his sexual organ. After such a "tissue massage" the seed is cast within a few seconds, which means that a man has an orgasm, too.


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