Unusual pen (2 photos + text)

Previously, in fact it was ??? On the last night before the exam I do not sleep read, write, think where to hide, how to pack. My legs and arms were painted and hemming clothing and hair were hiding, who had the chance.

And now, the Spurs can be downloaded in the grand and global, networks. Yes, and print on the printer quantity - 3. And then there was the handle was released, in which the spur is removed in a tube.

Businessmen do not kill savvy, younger generation, standing !!!

In a bookstore in central Moscow sold this "miracle" - industrially manufactured pen with cribs. There is this beauty of a factory assembly 12 rubles, with they are sold with a stuffing for a variety of subjects.

There are two serious questions. Firstly, doubt the quality of this "spurs", since no certified guarantee the accuracy of the materials in this unit is illegal can not be. Compilers and typist themselves may not know the half of what stuffing into their products, and if inaccurate information will serve as the failure of the exam, you will not have to answer to anyone. And secondly, the crib was always fixing mechanism of knowledge: the student, who was it, willy-nilly, fixed in his mind at least some of the material. Do you use from store-bought spurs - the answer is clear.

The idea is that you need to initiate a serious discussion in the community school as a whole - to analyze what kind of people come to our days of these institutions? How acceptable quality level of knowledge with which the 17-year-old man gets in life? Why not unrealistic tutoring get into a good university, and because parents complain that children are disproportionately loaded program? It turns out that a lot of knowledge is given, and the use of them - shish?

Is it because the merchants are represented at such tricks to somehow alleviate shkolnichkam life? And they are happy to facilitate life, and brains - though, indeed, what else to expect for 12 rubles? ..


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