Russians can not fly from Tunisia

Petersburg tourists stranded in Tunisia. According to some sources, St. Petersburg guard, drive to the bathroom under guard, are not allowed to buy water and food.

More than 15 hours awaiting departure of about 80 Russians at the international airport of Tunis "Zarzis Djerba." Aircraft (flight KAJ1878 or other data, 5R 1879) was supposed to fly at 2 am, but for today, flight transfer for the fourth time. Most of the passengers with small children all the time at the airport.

Reliable information they were never offered: first, said that waiting for the plane, then the pilot goes from out of town, and so on. D. The airport "Pulkovo" informs only about a flight delay - no data on departure they do not.

"The situation at first looked harmless enough, but after the passengers were taken to the ring paramilitary police, all really scared - said the reader. - Going to the toilet only when accompanied by the military, no permits for the purchase of water or something to eat. "

"We are literally in captivity. Do not understand what is happening. Children cry, and we really scary. We are trying to take away passports, and the situation is completely uncontrolled, "- says an eyewitness-hostage.

According to other witnesses, not so bad, except that the people did not sleep for 30 hours. In addition to the lack of paper in the toilet, no serious problems are not

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