Fans of "Zenith" is not allowed to Munich

Fans of "Zenith" is not allowed to Munich
One hundred fans of the team were unable to fly to Munich,
to support the team at the stadium "Allianz Arena»
in the UEFA Cup match against the "Bavaria".

About a hundred fans of the St. Petersburg "Zenith" could not fly on a charter flight to Munich that night to support their team at the stadium "Allianz Arena" in the UEFA Cup match against the "Bavaria". All these people who have received a visa to Germany, for various and obvious reasons have not registered for the flight.

"We have received their tickets from the travel agency representative, but for various reasons we have" wrapped "and we did not get on the flight at 11:00. Someone did not register, they said there is no room, someone said that the registration has already been completed, but before the flight was still a considerable amount of time ", - said & quot; representative of St. Petersburg fans.

Currently, they are trying to still fly out to Germany, "fit" in the charter, departing later in Munich. If they do not succeed and that they will attempt to fly a flight to Frankfurt and from there a number of ways to get to the stadium. However, the money for the ticket is not at all the fans, so some of them will stay in St. Petersburg.

"We blame the travel agency around. It turns out that the "Zenith" will be left without the support of his most loyal fans - fan complained. - It is not clear who we will return the money that we have already paid the travel agency, as its representative told us that the second charter would not cancel without giving reasons. We buy tickets for their money and fly "crooked."

Whiling away the wait, zenitovskie Pulkovo fans sing "chants" upotreblinyut weak and strong alcoholic drinks. Office travel agency "Art Travel", which is responsible for the delivery of fans of "Zenith" in Munich for the match with "Bavaria", protects police patrol of 10 people.

According to police, they were called by representatives of "Art Travel", who are afraid of a possible massacre. As they say themselves in the crowd of about 100 fans are really going to come to a travel agency to inflict "disassembly", said openwork.

Several fans yet, in spite of the guards managed to get to the office and get a comment from a representative of the travel agency. As I told the openwork fan Sergey Sorokin, travel agency blaming FC "Zenith", who allegedly had on Friday sent a letter confirming the intention to send another plane to Munich.

Fans showed several boxes of attributes "Zenith" and the microphone and said that today, only managed to fly VIP fans, among which, according to the fans, the head of the Municipal Committee for Physical Culture and Sport Vyacheslav Chazov with a retinue of 15 people. "Well, today we see on TV would look like a stadium where there will be no normal fans or team paraphernalia," - commented the current situation cheerleader Sergey Sorokin.


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