"Zenith" has won the UEFA Cup

St. Petersburg "Zenith" won the UEFA Cup the season-2007/08. In the final game, the Russian team won the Scottish "Glasgow Rangers" with the score 2: 0. The first goal on 72 minutes Igor Denisov scored and set the final score of Konstantin Zyryanov. "Zenit" won the European cup tournament for the first time in club history.
In the first time the Russian team had a clear advantage, and at the fourth minute Andrei Arshavin could open an account. Forward "Zenith" received the ball from Konstantin Zyryanov and being left the opponent's goal, beat in the near corner, but missed.

Pitertsy attacked more often and more dangerous opponent, but the players, "Rangers" before the break managed to defend his goal. At the end of the first half after a pass from the left flank Arshavin's ball hit the hand of defender Kirk Broadfuta but referee Peter Freydfeld violations are not fixed.

At the beginning of the second half, a similar episode occurred at the gates of "Zenith", when the ball hit the hand of Igor Denisov but the referee again not a penalty. A few seconds before the Russian team goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malafeev reflected a dangerous blow forward "Rangers' Jean-Claude Darshevilya.

Soon another opportunity to score a goal Arshavin missed. The leader of the "Zenith" led a quick counter, beat released away from the gate keeper "Rangers' Neil Alexander and tried to send the ball into the net half volley. The ball from the goal line ruled defender Sasha Papach.

"Zenith" opened the scoring on 72 minutes. Igor Denisov after a pass Arshavin went one on one, and Alexander hit the bottom and sent the ball into the net. A few minutes before the end of the meeting, "Rangers" could recoup, but substitute Nacho Novo sent the ball just over the bar shot from outside the penalty area.

The final score in the last (third) minute of extra time set Konstantin Zyryanov. Russian midfielder score a goal kick from close range after a shot from the flank by Fatih Tekke, reports Lenta.ru.

"Zenit" won the European Cup tournament for the first time in club history, and repeated the success of CSKA won the UEFA Cup in 2005.


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