The reasons that great to be a mom:

1. You will never have to come up with something to do
2. You can once again review all cartoons
3. You have a huge number of pictures that you can decorate the refrigerator and the wall

4. In your home again comes Santa Claus
5. You have never felt so good after a full night of sleep
6. Do you remember how fun to run barefoot through the puddles
7. You can again play with dolls or toy railway
8. You once again thought about the question: "Where does the sky? "And" Where did the first man? "
9. You will look at how the sun shines through the leaves with your child and make him wonder you look at the world with new eyes.
10. This little hands and feet
11. Wonderful smell child crown
12. And the feeling of a small, fluffy head under your chin
13. A great number of hugs
14. Smiling baby facing towards you
15. The first babble your child
16. The joy with which the child runs to meet you
17.Vy begin to understand how much you love your parents
18. You understand that you are much more love than you could imagine


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