iPhone 3G: the cost of the phone from Apple - $ 100

Cost of materials for production of the new iPhone is only $ 100, $ 70 less than for the manufacturing unit of the previous generation, according eetimes.com citing Portelligent.

Analysts estimate that the cost to produce touch screen Apple's $ 30 instead of $ 60 for the first version of the phone. The cost of 8GB flash memory is $ 20 instead of $ 50 previously. While HSDPA and GPS modules are added to the list only $ 15, and $ 5, respectively.

According to analysts, Apple does not seek to earn on the "hardware", ie the difference between the BOM (cost of materials) and selling price, which is $ 199. The company has other ways to profit, including iTunes and the new service MobileMe, which will become subscribers and owners of "apple" mobile phone.


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